L'Arche Lethbridge CommunityL'Arche Lethbridge is an intentional community. At the center of our community is the commitment that we, people with and without developmental disabilities, make to sharing our lives together. Assistants and Core Members (members with developmental disabilities) live together in one of our three homes here in Lethbridge. Living together in a L'Arche Community goes beyond just being roommates; we are engaged in real, mutual, and honest relationships in which we value and honour each person's gifts and abilities. Does this way of living appeal to you? Can you envision yourself as a part of L'Arche?

A typical day in the life of an Assistant involves providing whatever support is needed in the home including helping Core Members with their routines and medical appointments. It also includes household chores such as cleaning, cooking, shopping, attending meetings and participating in family-style activities such as outings, playing games and watching TV. Assistants take a few hours of personal time during each day and have 1.5 days away per week. Our Assistants also have a 3.5-day weekend away per month. Vacation time is available to those who make a commitment beyond a three-month probationary period. A first year Assistant receives room and board and a net income of approximately $1,290.00/month. Assistants typically make an initial commitment of one year, although shorter terms are also sometimes possible. Many Assistants stay for more than a year, some making long term commitments to the community.

Find out more about being an Assistant at L'Arche at our L'Arche Canada recruitment site here or contact Marie at or 403-328-3735 x.3

To begin the process of becoming a live-in assistant in one of our homes, please complete the online application form, available by following the "Apply" tab on the L'Arche Canada Recruitment website. This form will be processed first by the L'Arche Canada Applications Coordinator. If you are interested in L'Arche Lethbridge specifically, please indicate such on your application.